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The developments in fortification and artillery and ammunition have always been tightly knit. Guns were steadily becoming better and more accurate - the fortifications were built with more protection and better materials like concrete and steel. Field artillery and siege artillery were better and better, but so was fortress artillery. Howitzers, mortars and grenade launchers were able to aim their projectiles directly onto the forts, bunkers and casemates, but these were protected with concrete instead of stone and steel instead of water. Armoured fortification, panzerfesten and forts were equiped with turrets, cupolas and armour plates. Naval artillery was developing - not only for use on ships, but also in coast artillery, where the heavy guns were placed in coastal fortifications. Famous names like Krupp, Schneider, Creusot, Bofors, Vickers, Rheinmetall, Oerlikon, Armstrong and Cockerill - they were all manufacturers of guns and artillery. You can find and buy books on all different aspects of artillery at Fortress Books. Not only a new, recently published book, but also used books and antiquarian books.

42 cm 'Big Bertha' and German Siege Artillery of World War I

Romanych, Marc & Rupp, Martin

English, Paperback (2013)

History and development of German heavy siege artillery in World War One, a.o. the 'Dicke Berta'.

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7,5 cm Ant-Aircraft Gun L/60 - Krupp

Fried. Krupp (ed.)

German, Hardcover (1930)

VERY RARE, ORIGINAL Krupp-publication about the 7,5 cm anti-aircraft gun L/60. Illustrated with 2 folding plates.

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American Breechloading Mobile Artillery 1875-1953

Williford, Glen M. & Batha, Thomas D.

English, Hardcover (2016)

History and development of American Breechloading Mobile Artillery between 1875 and 1953. It also contains a catalog of the different types used.

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