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CF - Modern fortifications - 20th century

Reinforced concrete came more and more in use for the construction of fortifications in the early twentieth century. Forts, bunkers, casemates, gun emplacements etc. were all built using concrete and steel. In the works of the Atlantic Wall, West Wall, Maginot Line, Oder-Warthe-Bogen, Pommernstellung, East Wall, Grebbe defence line, Per-Albin-Line - but also in the Brialmont forts in Belgium, the Stelling van Amsterdam and the German panzerfesten. Fortress Books has a vast amount of books on all these bunker lines and defence lines. Not only new books, but also the second hand book, or even the antiquarian book you've always been looking for!

'...the fiction that Holland is a Fortress.'

Michels, Joost

Dutch, Hardcover (2021)

The book describes the history and development of Dutch fortification from 1914 to 1940. It also describes what these fortifications meant for the defeat of the Dutch army in May 1940.

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1944: The Atlantic wall in Normandy

Chazette, Alain & Destouches, Alain

French, Hardcover (1989)

A detailed description of the history, organisation and characteristics of The Atlantic wall fortifications in Normandy, France.

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Archeology of the Atlantic Wall - Volume 1: Bunker Furnishings and Fittings

Chazette, Alain - Destouches, Alain - Tomine, Jacques - Paich, Bernard - Lemonnier Cédric - Laquieze, Jean-François - Sormail, Jory - Mantey, Olivier

French, Hardcover (2021)

The first volume in a new series by Alain Chazette about the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall - this describes the bunker furnishings and fittings.

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