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Electronic warfare

Gema: Birthplace of German Sonar and Radar

Kroge, Harry von

German, Hardcover (2000)

The book descsribes the history and development of sonar and radar at the German company of Gema in Berlin - mostly during World War Two.

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German Radar in the Netherlands 1940-1945

Verbeek, John & Neisingh, Kees

English, Hardcover (2021)

MASSIVE reference on German radar in the Netherlands in World War Two. Not only does this book describe the technical aspects of German radar in its different types, but it also describes radar stations, bunkers, etc. All that was ever built and what's left - ALL you wanted to know about German radar in the Netherlands - and more!

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The German military Telephone 1935-1945

Massieu, Jean-François

French, Hardcover (2017)

Lavishly illustrated with more than 600 photos - of which over 400 are in colour! - about the military telephones of the German Wehrmacht in World War Two. A UNIQUE book!

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The Allied Radios 1940-1945 - Volume 1

Derdos, Denis

French, Hardcover (2021)

The first volume of this fabulous reference work on radio-equipment of the English, American and Canadian armies in World War Two. Major reference for hobbyists AND specialists!

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