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Fortification in general

29 Volumes of the German Magazine IBA-Informationen

Stahlmann, Grasser, Wleklinski, Schalich. a.o.

German, Divers (1984)

Lot with 29 volumes of the German Magazine IBA-Informationen, each with high-quality articles about mostly 19th and 20th century (mostly European) fortifications. Each volume is lavishly illustrated with photos, plans, drawings and maps.

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Discovering the Fort Fuentes

Villani, Marcello

Italian, Paperback (2015)

The book describes the History and Development of the Fort Fuentes, nera Colico, Italy.

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American Forts - Architectural Form and Function

Robinson, Willard B.

English, Hardcover (1977)

The first known book on the architectural history of fortifications in the New World (the USA).

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Fortified Architecture: Conservation, Restauration and Use of the Castles

Cooper, Edward (ed.)

Spanish, Paperback (2005)

The book is in VERY GOOD shape and illustrated with many photos, drawings, plans and maps, mostly in colour.

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