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Uniforms and Equipment

American Paratrooper Helmets - Mediterranean & European Theater of Operations

De Trez, Michel

English, Hardcover (2010)

Fabulous, high-quality book about the history and development of the Amarican Paratrooper helmets of World War Two. Illustrated with MANY HUNDREDS of photos, of which many in full-colour. Important reference work!

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Badges of the Canadian Forces

Chief of the Defence Staff

English, French, Paperback (1977)

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The Uniforms of the Dutch Naval- and Land Forces, here in the Country and in the Colonies

Ten Raa, F.J.G.

Dutch, Paperback (1980)

MAGNIFICENT reprint from 1980 of the original from 1900, consisting of 2 volumes: the text book and the book with 80 plates made by Hoynck van Papendrecht, Staring and De Veer.

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