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Uniforms and Equipment

6 June 1944 - Soldiers in Normandy

Charbonnier, Philippe (ed.)

English, Hardcover (1994)

Beautifully and lavishly illustrated in full-colour, this book shows the uniforms and equipment of soldiers that fought in Normandy during the Invasion - German as well as Allied!

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American Paratrooper Helmets - Mediterranean & European Theater of Operations

De Trez, Michel

English, Hardcover (2010)

Fabulous, high-quality book about the history and development of the Amarican Paratrooper helmets of World War Two. Illustrated with MANY HUNDREDS of photos, of which many in full-colour. Important reference work!

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Badges of the Canadian Forces

Chief of the Defence Staff

English, French, Paperback (1977)

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The Dutch Steel Helmet 1916-1992

Joode, Kevin de (ed.)

Dutch, Hardcover (2019)

An extensive book about the development, production, the various models and the usage of (Dutch) steel helmets by the Netherlands Armed Forces and other organisations. The differences between the various models, but also within the models, are described in detail.

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