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Regimental and division history - WO I

Divisional and Regimental histories are books that provide a wealth of detailed information on the different battles fought by the specific Division or Regiment. Often published right after the Great War, and written by officers that served in that specific Division or Regiment, the books contain hour-to-hour reports from the happenings as seen through the eyes of the soldiers themselves. The German 'Regimentsgeschichten' were written just about each and every Feld-Artillerie-Regiment, Infanterie-Regiment, Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment. Fortress Books has a nice collection of Divisional and Regimental Histories - German as well as Allied. Nice books, mostly illustrated with HUNDREDS of photos, drawings and good maps.

The 4. Niederschlesische Infantry-Regiment Nr. 51 in World War One

Wagner, Ernst

German, Hardcover (1920)

Regimental history of the 4. Niederschlesische Infantery-Regiment Nr. 51 in World War One. Vol.1: from the beginning of the War to June 1917.

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