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If you order through the website, you will be asked on the order form to choose one of the following payment options: payment by bank, with PayPal or with your credit card. You will have to chose for ONE of the options.

After sending us your order, you will receive a confirmation from us by email, with the total cost for your order including insurance and postage.

If you indicated that you want to pay by PayPal or with your credit card, you will find a link (in blue lettering) that will lead you to the PayPal website or the paysite of Please process your payment and you will receive an email that we've received your payment.  The payment link will be active for one week only. This means that you can only use it for one week. After that week we will cancel your order. 

If you want to pay by bank, we will send you an email with our bank details. You can simply pay through your own bank.

After we've received your payment, we will wrap your book(s) carefully and send them to you. You will again receive an email from us that your book(s) are en route to you.