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Rolf, Rudi


The development of the German fortification system since 1870 - Rudi Rolf

Rolf, Rudi

German, Hardcover (2000)

The book describes the development of the German fortification system since 1870.

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Fortifications of the Monarchy

Rolf, Rudi

German, Hardcover (2011)

Rudi Rolfs comprehensive - and very-hard-to find! - book about austrian-hungarian fortifications. Sold-out elsewhere!

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Regelbauten - Atlantic Wall Typology

Rolf, Rudi

German, English, French, Paperback (2019)

BRANDNEW catalogue of bunker types as built in the Atlantic Wall by the German army. Not only the permanent (Ständig) bunkers, but also the semi-permanent (Vf) bunkers. Illustrated in full-colour. In 3 languages: English, German AND French!

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