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German Panzers and Allied Armour in Yugoslavia in World War Two

German Panzers and Allied Armour in Yugoslavia in World War Two
Author: Dimitrijevic, Bojan & Savic, Dragan

Language: English

7 copies    € 39.00

€ 39.00


7 copies

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When the Yugoslavia theatre of operations in 1941-45 is mentioned, the first description that comes to mind is Bandenkampf (anti-Partisan warfare). And truly, more than any other theatre, fighting in the Balkans was among the most irregular and bloody of the whole of World War Two. This publication aims to close a vital gap in documentation of this campaign by providing the first comprehensive account of armoured vehicles and their respective units deployed there. Combat in Yugoslavia also meant an exceptionally large number of combatants were involved. There was the German Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, German Police, Italian Army, Soviet Army, British Army and, last but not least, various local ethnic groups fighting on one side or the other. All these were equipped with the most amazing and astonishing assembly of armoured vehicles of any theatre of operations in World War Two. Vehicles ranged from early German Panzers, German Beutepanzers captured in previous campaigns in France and Russia, uniquely outdated Italian tanks and tankettes, to the most modern Soviet and American equipment deployed later in the war. And as if that were not enough, this colourful gathering is furthermore enhanced by improvised armoured vehicles and armoured trains. This book is a truly unique and outstanding compilation of armoured military vehicle rarities, curiosities and oddities! This book is illustrated with 358 black-and-white photographs, most of which are hitherto unpublished

Original title German Panzers and Allied Armour in Yugoslavia in World War Two
German Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, Polizei and Italian Army, Soviet Army, British Army, Local Fighting GRoups
Author Dimitrijevic, Bojan & Savic, Dragan
Languages English
Subject Tanks and vehicles
Period World War Two
Location Yugoslavia
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2013 (€ 39.00)

BRANDNEW book - illustrated with more than 350 photos!

Edition 1
Pages 200
Publication date 2013
Bindings Hardcover
Format 30 x 21 cm
Price € 39.00