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German Close Combat Weapons

German Close Combat Weapons
Author: Fleischer, Wolfgang

Language: German

The book describes the different kinds and types of close combat weapons as used by the German army in WW 2 - ammunition, grenades, armament. MAJOR reference!

5 copies    € 42.00

€ 42.00


5 copies

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Original title Deutsche Nahkampfmittel
Munition, Granaten und Kampfmittel bis 1945
Author Fleischer, Wolfgang
Languages German
Subject Firearms and Ammunition
Period World War Two
Location Germany
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2018 (€ 42.00)

NEW book - illustrated with MANY HUNDREDS of photos and drawings, of which many in colour!

Edition 1
Pages 319
Publication date 2018
Bindings Hardcover
Format 24,5 x 17 cm
Price € 42.00