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'...the fiction that Holland is a Fortress.'

'...the fiction that Holland is a Fortress.'
Author: Michels, Joost

Language: Dutch

The book describes the history and development of Dutch fortification from 1914 to 1940. It also describes what these fortifications meant for the defeat of the Dutch army in May 1940.

15 copies    € 40.00

€ 40.00


15 copies

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New copy of book (2021) about the Dutch fortifications between 1914 and 1940, on the occasion of promotion at the University of Amsterdam, 2020. Read why it was a tactical blunder on the part of the Supreme Commander to leave the Fortress of Holland and embark on a military adventure to go into the weak positions in the Peel and the Grebbe. Shudder at how the process of fortification was organized during the mobilization.

Thorough and extensive study of the strategic landscape, inundations, casemate and shelter construction, especially in Vesting Holland, which was heavily modernized in crucial places between 1914 and 1940.


Original title ' fictie dat Holland een vesting is.'
Vestingbouw door het wapen der genie, 1914-'40
Author Michels, Joost
Languages Dutch
Subject CF - Modern fortifications - 20th century
Period 1914-1940
Location The Netherlands
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2021 (€ 40.00)

BRANDNEW book - illustrated with well over 250 photos, drawings, plans and maps.

Edition 1
Pages 288
Publication date 2021
Bindings Hardcover
Format 31,5 x 22,5 cm
Price € 40.00