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Casemates on the Afsluitdijk

Casemates on the Afsluitdijk
Author: Verbeek, John

Language: Dutch

Lavishly illustrated with photos, drawings (by the famous Robert Jurga!), plans and maps, this book tells the history of the heavy casemates of Kornwerderzand and Den Oever, as well as the Wons-Position. Design, construction and use - in World Wart Two as well as after the War.


In May 1940 it was a great shock to the Dutch that the German neighbors invaded our country and that our armed forces had to capitulate so quickly. It is less known that our armed forces also achieved success. This book is about one of those successes, namely the defense of the Afsluitdijk. A happy combination of solid defenses (the casemates), a motivated unit with confidence in the commander and good leadership stopped the German attack at the Afsluitdijk. John Verbeek has extensively investigated the defenses that were built as a result of the closure of the Zuiderzee. In this book he provides insight into the modern structures and armaments that at the time proved to pass the test of fire with flying colors. The book is illustrated with photos and many scale drawings of the defenses. In addition, the author provides a detailed description of the events of the May days of 1940 on and around the Afsluitdijk.


Original title Kazematten op de Afsluitdijk
De Geschiedenis van de Kazemattenstelling bij Den Oever en op het Kornwerderzand, de Wonsstelling, Breezand en de Duitse en Naoorlogse Verdedigingswer
Author Verbeek, John
Languages Dutch
Subject CF - Modern fortifications - 20th century
Period 1930 - 2000
Location The Netherlands
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps