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Railway Artillery (P)

Railway Artillery (P)
Author: Gietkowski, Miroslaw

Language: Polish

The history and development of railway artillery around the world.

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5 copies

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"The necessity to transport large cannons over long distances was a great challenge for the logistics services, therefore the search for new solutions in this area was started. The best means was rail, but for this type of transport appropriate wagons or platforms specially prepared for transporting the cannons were needed. ensured rapid movement of heavy equipment and stability during shooting. In addition, a properly prepared network of railroads during the peacetime allowed the command to have strategically and tactically mobile high-power artillery, easy to stock and replenish ammunition, and to reduce the number of soldiers needed to operate the guns. (...) The first experience with the use of guns on railroad platforms was gained during the American Civil War ... "
(from introduction)

Table of Contents:

- Introduction

- French railroad artillery

- German railway artillery

- American railroad artillery

- British rail artillery

- Russian and Soviet rail artillery

- Railway artillery of Finland, Japan, Italy

- Polish episode of railway artillery

- End

- List of photos

- List of railway departments

- Bibliography

Original title Artyleria Kolejowa
Author Gietkowski, Miroslaw
Languages Polish
Subject Artillery
Period Mostly 20th century
Location Worldwide
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Paperback edition from 2018 (€ 30.00)

Edition 1
Pages 168
Publication date 2018
Bindings Paperback
Format 29 x 20,5 cm
Price € 30.00