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Didden, Jack & Swarts, Maarten


Einddoel Maas

Didden, Jack & Swarts, Maarten

Nederlands, Paperback (1984)

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Het Leger dat ontkwam - Het Duitse 15de Leger in de Zomer van 1944

Didden, Jack & Swarts, Maarten

Engels, Hardcover (2022)

This book tells the story of the German 15th Army from its inception in 1942 to its arrival in the Netherlands at the end of September 1944. (This is where it connects with their other two books, ‘Autumn Gale’ and ‘Kampfgruppe Walther’.) It follows the format of the previous books and like them should appeal to modellers, tank buffs and fans of military history generally. Also, one chapter deals with the fighting in Normandy since the army was involved there until the end of June and so should appeal to anyone interested in that campaign since it contains a lot of new information. This also goes for the main story, never told anywhere before, which fills the gap in the books about World War Two in the West that somehow always skip from Normandy to Market Garden as if nothing relevant happened in between.

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