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Vechten tegen de Britten bij Arnhem

Vechten tegen de Britten bij Arnhem
Auteur: Gerritsen, Bob

Taal: Engels

1 exemplaar    € 110,00

€ 110,00


1 exemplaar

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Fighting the British at Arnhem' describes, amongst other events, the involvement of the SS-Unterführerschule Arnheim in what is now known as 'The Battle of Arnhem'. The SS-Unterführerschule Arnheim was a school for soldiers of the Waffen-SS where they were trained to become non-commissioned officers. The training was extremely demanding and rigorous. During the 'Battle of Arnhem' the school's officers and students were chiefly deployed on the western fringes of the area so desperately defended by the 1st British Airborne Division. The school was established at the end of 1943 in Arnhem and remained there till August 1944. In that month the school was sent to the Dutch coast and deployed for coastal defence duties. At the beginning of September 1944 it was moved again. This time the school had to take up security duties along the River Waal. When, on 17th September 1944, the 1st British Airborne Division landed in the Wolfheze area, the school was swiftly mobilised and transported to the battle area. It was incorporated into the 'Kampfgruppe von Tettau', a force raised as a direct result of the airborne landings. This force was commanded by Generalleutnant Hans von Tettau. Its main task was to destroy the British airborne forces and thwart Allied plans, both of which they managed to do. Not only does Bob Gerritsen share with us the school's early history and its deployment during the Battle of Arnhem, but he goes on to describe the unit's desperate struggle to fend off later Allied attacks in the area south of the River Rhine. There the school fought fierce battles and suffered many casualties, eventually leading to its demise and disbandment in November 1944.

Originele titel Fighting the British at Arnhem
The SS-Unterführerschule Arnheim - Its Origins and Operations against the 1st British Airborne Division September 1944
Auteur Gerritsen, Bob
Talen Engels
Onderwerp Tweede Wereldoorlog
Periode Tweede Wereldoorlog
Locatie Arnhem, Nederland
Categrieën Fotoboeken, Tekstuele boeken, Tekeningen, Plattegronden en kaarten

Hardcover editie van 2018 (€ 110,00)


Druk 1
Pagina's 224
Verschijningsdatum 2018
Bindwijze Hardcover
Formaat 28 x 21 cm
Prijs € 110,00