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The Battle of the three Frontiers - May - June 1940

The Battle of the three Frontiers - May - June 1940
Author: Mary, Jean-Yves

Language: French

Lavishly illustrated, thorough study of the battles fought in May and June 1940 in the Longwy-region (north-east of France). With much information on the happenings around the different ouvrages of the Maginot Line in the area!

1 copy    € 69.00

€ 69.00


1 copy

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Original title La Bataille de Trois Frontieres - Mai-Juin 1940
La Cavalerie au Luxembourg - La Position avancée de Longwy - Le Secteur fortifié de la Crusnes
Author Mary, Jean-Yves
Languages French
Subject World War Two
Period World War Two
Location France
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Antiquarian books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2012 (€ 69.00)

FABULOUS book - lavishly illustrated with MANY HUNDREDS of photos, drawings, plans and maps. In GOOD shape.

Edition 1
Pages 472
Publication date 2012
Bindings Hardcover
Format 30,5 x 21 cm
Price € 69.00