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Battleground Arnhem

Battleground Arnhem
Author: Glenn, Harlan & Spezzano, Remy

Language: English

One of Remy Spezzano's truely FABULOUS books. An absolute MUST for anyone with an interest in the Battle of Arnhem!

1 copy    € 295.00

€ 295.00


1 copy

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Original title Kampfraum Arnheim
A Photo Study of the German Soldier fighting in and around Arnhem September 1944
Author Glenn, Harlan & Spezzano, Remy
Languages English
Subject World War Two
Period World War Two
Location Arnhem, The Netherlands
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Antiquarian books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2013 (€ 295.00)

Book is in GOOD shape and VERY RARE - illustrated with HUNDREDS of full-page photographs!

Edition 1
Pages 306
Publication date 2013
Bindings Hardcover
Format 30,5 x 30 cm
Price € 295.00