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Tiger Ausf. B "Königstiger" - Technical and Operational History

Tiger Ausf. B "Königstiger" - Technical and Operational History
Author: Trojca, Waldemar & Trojca, Gregor

Languages: German, English

Without a doubt: THE BEST book about the 70-ton "King Tiger" - Germany's impressive World War Two-tank. The book is a hardcover, with 720 pages and more than 1000 (!!) photos, drawings, profiles and schemes - 38 photos in colour!


The enquiries from readers have at last resulted in the preparation of a new edition of Waldemar Trojca's Königstiger book. The new book contains 720 pages, 850 photos (40 in colour) approximately 460 technical drawings, over 200 line and 3D colour drawings, 45 colour maps, 33 tables and schematics, 15 organigrams and 12 sections of insignia and markings (one for each unit). The technical section has been enriched with new photographic material from the production process and with technical drawings. The section on camouflage has been produced in color. The color drawings show all possible variants from the combat units. The text dealing with combat actions has been enlarged with new information. Additionally, all dangerous opponents of the Königstiger (Eastern and Western fronts) have been presented.

Original title Tiger Ausf. B "Königstiger" - Technical and Operational History
Author Trojca, Waldemar & Trojca, Gregor
Languages German, English
Subject Tanks and vehicles
Period World War Two
Location Germany
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps