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The Federal fortress of Ulm - Germany's largest fortification complex

The Federal fortress of Ulm - Germany's largest fortification complex
Author: Burger, Matthias

Language: German

MAGNIFICENT book about the fortifications of Ulm, Germany - with emphasis on those built in the 19th century.

2 copies    € 50.00

€ 50.00


2 copies

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What a FANTASTIC book!! A simply breathtaking book about the fortifications of the German federal fortress of Ulm - with emphasis on the 19th century.

This book leaves no question unanswered - it is THE book about the 19th century fortifications of Ulm. But it is more - it is a journey through the fortification-history of Ulm. From the Medieval towndefences to the fortifications that were built according the principles of Albrecht Dürer. The 16th century fortifications according the "old Italian style" and the later "improved Italian style". The modern fortifications of the early 17th century built according the Dutch style - French influences, Spanish influences- it's all there in this book!

Emphasis lies, however, on the 19th century - when Ulm became one of the "Bundesfestungen" ("Federal Fortresses") together with Luxemburg, Rastatt, Landau and Mainz. The Festung Ulm as a whole is described - but what's more is the fact that the book describes ALL individual forts and other works are described in detail - mostly using fabulous photos, drawings, plans and maps. Mostly in full-colour. This is a book you MUST own - don't hesitate and order your copy!!

The book is entirely written in German and illustarted with 740 photos, drawings, plans and maps - a massive FABULOUS book!!


Original title Die Bundesfestung Ulm - Deutschlands größtes Festungsensemble
Author Burger, Matthias
Languages German
Subject MF - Modern fortifications - 19th century
Period 19th century mostly
Location Ulm, Germany
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2006 (€ 50.00)

NEW book - illustrated with HUNDREDS of photos, drawings, plans and maps - mostly in colour!

Edition 1
Pages 353
Publication date 2006
Bindings Hardcover
Format 21,5 x 27,5 cm
Weight 1620 g
Price € 50.00