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Fortress Antwerp - The Brialmont Forts

Fortress Antwerp - The Brialmont Forts
Author: Lombaerde, Piet (ed.)

Language: Dutch

The book describes the forts designed and built by Henri-Alexis Brialmont in and around the Belgian city of Antwerp in the 19th century.

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€ 35.00


1 copy

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This is the first global study of the largest fortification-project undertaken in Belgian - ever! - the forts designed and built by Henri-Alexis Brialmont around the city of Antwerp.

In 1859 the Belgian government decided to fortify the city of Antwerp as national redoubt with a ring of forts around it.  The city was surrounded by a wall with a total length of 15 km. which was in turn surrounded by a ring of eight forts. This fortress-ring was ready as soon as in 1864, consisting of 1 million square meters of masonry! Seven out of eight of these forts are still present today.

This rather unique piece of military heritage is described from different points of  view. The strategically important position of Antwerp - the fortifications as built from the 16th century onwards, the design and construction of the Brialmont forts, daily life in these forts, their role and influence in World War One, as well as the problems of demolition and re-use of the forts.

The book is written in Dutch and is illustrated with HUNDREDS of magnificent illustrtions - photos, plans, drawings and maps, of which many are in full-colour.

Original title Vesting Antwerpen - De Brialmontforten
Author Lombaerde, Piet (ed.)
Languages Dutch
Subject MF - Modern fortifications - 19th century
Period 19th century
Location Belgium
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Antiquarian books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 1997 (€ 35.00)

Book is in (VERY) GOOD shape. BEAUTIFULLY illustrated with HUNDREDS of photos, drawings, plans and maps - mostly in colour. THE BEST book for anyone interested in the forts of Brialmont around Antwerp, Belgium!

Edition 1
Pages 157
Publication date 1997
Bindings Hardcover
Format 30 x 24,5 cm
Price € 35.00