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Fortress Pula

Fortress Pula
Author: Tatic, Danijel

Language: English


It is no easy task to tell the story of a city created by the military, of its fortifications, and batteries, as well of the powerful arsenal that became the pride of the once glorious Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and yet not bother the reader with details about fortification systems that rack the historians´ brains. There could be much more to add, explain, and write, to show, and to draw, but that is beyond the scope of this book, which was intended as a kind of tourist guide and an attempt to discover all the beauty and complexity of the fortification system of the former Austrian- and later Austro-Hungarian main naval base to the reader as simply as possible. The Pula Fortress consisted of a number of different types of forts and batteries, the majority of which are shown in this book, along with all other fortifications, including those used by the army and by the local population and their guests, coming from all parts of the dual monarchy and from the rest of the world to Pula.


Original title Fortress Pula
Fortification System of the most important Austro-Hungarian Naval Base
Author Tatic, Danijel
Languages English
Subject MF - Modern fortifications - 19th century
Period 19th century
Location PUla, Croatia
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps