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Fort Grosser Pfaffenberg - Fortress Grudziadz (E.)

Fort Grosser Pfaffenberg - Fortress Grudziadz (E.)
Author: Grabowski, Wlodzimierz & Nowinski, Piotr

Languages: German, English

The booklet describes the history and development of what was the most impressive fortification built in the Eastern part of the German Empire, near what is now called Grudziadz in Poland (then: Graudenz).

10 copies    € 7.00

€ 7.00


10 copies

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Original title Fort Grosser Pfaffenberg - Twierdza Grudziadz
Author Grabowski, Wlodzimierz & Nowinski, Piotr
Languages German, English
Subject MF - Modern fortifications - 19th century
Period 19th & 20th century
Location Grudziadz, Poland
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Divers edition from 2017 (€ 7.00)

NEW boek - illustrated in full-colour with photos, plans and drawings. Available in German and in English - please state your preference when ordering!

Edition 1
Pages 25
Publication date 2017
Bindings Divers
Format 20 x 20 cm
Price € 7.00