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Radar in the Netherlands 1940-1945

Radar in the Netherlands 1940-1945
Author: Verbeek, J.R. & Neisingh, C.N.J.

Language: Dutch

NEW book about the radar-, radio-beacon and -tracking positions that the German Army built in the Netherlands during World War Two, with emphasis on the used equipment, constructions and positions. With MUCH information on German bunkers, but also on technical equipment!

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€ 50.00


3 copies

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The Second World War unintentionally made our country a testing ground for new techniques for warfare. One of the most important of these was the radar, which underwent enormous development in a few years due to military use. This laid the foundation for the indispensable role that radar plays in our society today. From Schiphol, Europoort, North Sea coast, on every seafaring ship, in every airliner, yes, sometimes even in the car of the speed-hungry road pirate, applications of this technology are everywhere. Not to mention Buienradar.   This publication focuses on (semi-) permanent radar equipment of the German Air Force and Navy deployed in the Netherlands during the Second World War, as well as on the structures intended for this purpose.   The book describes the development of radar in various countries in the run-up to World War II. The conquest of our country gave the occupiers the optimal opportunity to deploy radar devices of the air force and navy. One of the most authoritative authors in the field of German radar, Dr. F. Trenkle, describes more than 300 radar types and variants. It is certain that a large part of this was deployed or tested on Dutch territory. Radar was used in various ways by the Air Force: to guide bombers to their target, to give the air defense "eyes and ears", for fire control and for combat control. The Navy used the on-shore radar to detect naval and air targets as well as fire control of coastal batteries and anti-aircraft batteries. Various command posts were set up in the hinterland for steering.   All types of radar known in our country, their locations and the command centers are described in the book. The collection of the former Bureau of Defense Works was mainly used as a source for the relevant buildings. These documents are located in the National Archives and are known as the "bunker archive". In the period shortly after the war, the Defense Registration Office was tasked with inventorying, measuring and describing the defenses that the occupying forces had built. From the more than 23,000 registered structures from the period 1940-1945, those buildings were selected, of which it could be established with sufficient certainty that they fulfilled a function for the purpose of radar. Allied and resistance espionage reports have also been used, which in some cases provided additional useful indications.  

The first edition received great interest. Many additional German documents about the Kriegsmarine became available. The second edition is therefore twice as extensive


Original title Radar in Nederland 1940-1945
Author Verbeek, J.R. & Neisingh, C.N.J.
Languages Dutch
Subject Electronic warfare
Period World War Two
Location The Netherlands
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2020 (€ 50.00)

NEW book - lavishly illustrated with 130 photos as well as countless plans and maps. Only 100 COPIES PRINTED!

Edition 2
Pages 468
Publication date 2020
Bindings Hardcover
Format A4
Price € 50.00