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The Forts of the Great War

The Forts of the Great War
Author: Malatesta, Leonardo

Language: Italian

The book describes the forts that were most involved in the fortress war along the Alpine front during World War One - Italian as well as Austrian. Not only their architectural characteristics, but also the happenings during the war.

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€ 30.00


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Original title I Forti della Grande Guerra
Le Opere italiane ed austriache protagoniste della Guerra dei Forti 1915-1917
Author Malatesta, Leonardo
Languages Italian
Subject CF - Modern fortifications - 20th century
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Paperback edition from 2015 (€ 30.00)

NEW book - illustrated with many photos, drawings, plans and maps.

Edition 1
Pages 579
Publication date 2015
Bindings Paperback
Format 24 x 17 cm
Weight 1110 g
Price € 30.00