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The Bunker Complex Ungerberg-Bruckneudorf

The Bunker Complex Ungerberg-Bruckneudorf
Author: Bader, Stefan - Pichler, Leo & Hatos, Josef

Language: German

One of the very few books about Austrian Cold War defences. The book describes the bunker complex of Ungerberg-Bruckneudorf, halfway, just south of the line Vienna - Bratislava. History and development as well as a description of what's left to see (= a lot!).

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€ 35.00


1 copy

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Original title Die Bunkeranlage Ungerberg-Bruckneudorf
Author Bader, Stefan - Pichler, Leo & Hatos, Josef
Languages German
Subject CF - Modern fortifications - 20th century
Period 20th century
Location Austria
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Paperback edition from 2017 (€ 35.00)

NEW book!

Edition 1
Pages 360
Publication date 2017
Bindings Paperback
Format 24 x 16 cm
Price € 35.00