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"Eastwall" - The forgotten fortified front of the "Oder - Warthe - Bogen"

"Eastwall" - The forgotten fortified front of the "Oder - Warthe - Bogen"
Author: Focken, Christel

Language: German

The book describes the - mostly underground - fortifications of the "Oder - Warthe - Bogen". Built by the Germans, but now in Poland.

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€ 30.00


5 copies

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Next to the Westwall (Siegfried Line), the Maginot Line and the Atlantic Wall, the fortified front of the "Oder - Warthe - Bogen" is one of the largest defence systems of the 20th century - most of the constructions are still present.

The fortified front of the "Oder - Warthe - Bogen" -also called "The Ostwall" - was constructed in the 1930's and 1940's as part of the German defences of their east border with Poland.  Due to the changes made after World War Two, the defenceline is on Polish soil now.

About 120 kilometers from the "Reichshauptstadt Berlin" was used as part of the defences of Berlin too. After World War Two, the fortified front was used by the Russia as well as by the Polish army - who both changed and adapted parts of the structures. Some parts were destroyed by them.

Some books have been published about the fortified front of the "Oder - Warthe - Bogen" in the recent past, but this is the very first book that shows the central part of the line, using more than 350 full-colour photos - underground as well as on the surface.

Architectural details are shown with photos and drawings. The same goes for technical equipment and installations that are shown and explained.

The book is written in the German language and is illustrated in full-colour.

Original title "Ostwall" - Die vergessene Festungsfront "Oder-Warthe-Bogen"
Author Focken, Christel
Languages German
Subject CF - Modern fortifications - 20th century
Period 20th Century
Location Poland
Categories Photobooks, Textual books, Drawings, Plans and maps

Hardcover edition from 2006 (€ 30.00)

The book is NEW!

Edition 1
Pages 101
Publication date 2006
Bindings Hardcover
Format 29 x 23 cm
Weight 930 g
Price € 30.00