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Battery Dishoek

Battery Dishoek
Author: Voskamp, Paul

Language: Dutch

Photo book with 80 previously unpublished photos of the life and work in and around the German coastal battery 'Dishoek', that was part of the Atlantic Wall.

7 copies    € 25.00

€ 25.00


7 copies

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Original title Batterij Dishoek
Ongepubliceerde foto's van Zeeland tijdens de Bezettingstijd
Author Voskamp, Paul
Languages Dutch
Subject World War Two
Period World War Two
Location Walcheren, The Netherlands
Categories Photobooks, Textual books

Hardcover edition from 2015 (€ 25.00)

NEW book - 80 pages with previously unpublished photos!

Edition 1
Pages 80
Publication date 2015
Bindings Hardcover
Format A4
Price € 25.00